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Join the "RISE" Sponsorship Program

Limited Time Only - 10 Founding Brands Save 30%

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Niche Female Audience

Limited to Qualifying Brands

Education & Community Focus

What a Franchise Rising Sponsorship Means for Your Brand

We’re in conversation with your audience and we know what female franchise candidates are looking for when it comes to making the decision to join a franchise. By taking advantage of our RISE sponsorship opportunity on the ground level, you are setting your brand up to take center stage in bringing awareness to a growing audience that is actively seeking a Franchise opportunity.

At Franchise Rising, we’re ahead of the curve in innovative technology and conversational marketing. With podcast listenership and voice recognition on the rise, opportunities to engage your ideal candidates and expand your brand abound! As an early adopter of both voice recognition technology and conversational marketing, we provide a rare opportunity for forward thinking brands to become early adopters and be at the forefront of this upcoming trend. That’s why we are committed to bringing the best in marketing technology to everything we do - to help your brand stay top of mind and relevant with leading edge practices that set you apart and above late adopters.

Our RISE sponsorship packages offer a variety of ways for your brand to monopolize on this resource and new technology so you can more naturally connect with and award your ideal candidates in less time, with less effort and at a much lower cost. Whether you want to Engage, Expand or Excel your brand, you’ll find a package that suits your goals and your budget.

Plans and Pricing

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