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Own your own destiny, without starting from scratch.

Franchise Rising is dedicated to empowering women along the journey to franchise ownership and investment. We offer honest perspectives, real world data, expert insights, and simple tips to help you make a sound decision.

What do many women wonder
about owning or investing in a franchise?

Can I afford to leave my current job and salary to open a franchise?

Your current job offers stability and regularly earned income. Is leaving all that worth the risks involved in buying into a franchise?

How can I convince my husband or partner that this is the best move for us?

Many partners worry about their significant other making a career change, and the ways it could affect their family's life and finances. How can you convince them that you're making the right career move?

Do I already need to know how to run a business before opening a franchise?

You've never been an entrepreneur, and are wondering whether you have what it takes to own and operate your own business. Are you really cut out for this ?